Sunday, November 1, 2009

Raptor Taylor Swift


So I was playing an un-named game that is just as cool as Modern Warfare (and gets me laid twice as much) that so happens to be set in the past and I so happen to be a cat-man that "shapeshifts" into himself, naked, while on all fours. I was minding my own business (killing skeletons) when I ran into a flock of raptors. This broke my illusion that I was safe in a fantasy world made of binary and internet memes. THEY GOT ME EVEN WHEN I WASN'T MYSELF.

I asked an elf that was passing by if he saw them. This started an argument about what I mean "them" (I know he was one of them....) and ended in my knowledge that I was the only one that could see them. They know where I felt safe and SHATTERED THAT SAFTY LIKE A POLAR BEAR ON DRUGS.

Ok, bad example. the only good thing is that it led to a series of quests that started with me killing maneating plants and then pouring their acid on the raptors TO MAKE THEM RUN AND MELT LIKE THE COWARDS THEY ARE.

Proof they can get me anywhere