Thursday, September 10, 2009

More Raptors In Jurrasic Park

I finally got my collectors edition of the Lost World in the mail! I am as happy as a polar bear during a hunt. To be honest, it isn't as grand as I had imagined. Of course I imagined it would be contained in a black box with the warning label in bold letters and it would require a special key to open it.

Instead it is just a regular dvd case that happens to be shinny in case of raptor attacks. Those things sure love shinny objects. Once I was able to distract one in a bank long enough to mortally wound it. Was sent to prison for a while because of that...if only people would see the truth....

Anyway, it is nice and comes loaded with tons of extras. One major thing is multiple commentaries by staff and crew. As a friend of mine pointed out: this could be my chance to learn anti-raptor techniques from the masters.


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