Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Crazy Clown Creates Killer Fire Horse

Give this man a movie deal.


This man (called "Paka") is a clown. A clown who likes to create robotic death horses that put the horses the four horsemen ride to shame. (Horsemen? Sounds like a bad rip-off of spiderman if you ask me) Some wonder why he creates death horses or why he makes them so evil looking, but then again they questioned Cyberdyne those same things.

Steven King has been put to shame at this killer clown's hobby. I suspect his previous hobby was scaring children and it just got out of hand. Either way, I would rather have "It" come at me then this crazy cillker clown. (I know that is spelled wrong but the other way would get me the wrong fanbase.) Although, I'm sure that when "It" attacks me it probably would be a raptor. Or Polar Bear. Or my own self.

All I am saying is this guy needs a blockbuster deal. Notice the "I'm rape you!" glove he wears. That just screams Freddy Kruger... without the lame remake that does not feature Johnny Deep. The more you analyze what he is wearing and what he looks like... well it makes me not want to sleep. He calls it art, but I'm sure Hannibal called "eating people" art.

Here’s a hint: It stopped being art somewhere around the time you taught it the meaning of “murder.”


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