Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Novel


It is the distant future where nations are on the edge of war. The reasons are meaningless, purely human ones. A mass arms buildup is underway as countries scramble to the top. Third world countries fight to become first, superpowers fight for land or resources and others just try to keep what they have. Politics break down as pacts are completely forgotten as a dog-eat-dog world becomes an apparent reality.

Early in the war, atomic bombs prove to be useless. The superpowers understand the problems faced with using them and halt any serious use of them and small countries that do try and use them are quickly bombed in fear of them doing anything rash. Grids are set up to protect larger areas from nuclear attack and soon all countries are able to properly defend themselves to the point that anything nuclear becomes irrelevant. A relic of the past used to frighten children. The ramifications to this leads to a massive gap in the field of super weapons.

This quickly leads to a scientific build-up in hopes of making larger weapons to unbalance the play field. Superpowers race to be the first nations to have weapons capable of rendering everyone else useless. Missiles are quickly given up on as any new ones are destroyed by the same "nets" installed for nuclear warfare. The saying "When outnumbered, use superior firepower" becomes the forefront of research to better improve the regular foot soldier's arsenal. This theory is destroyed after the "Dresdain Incident" in which a army with weapons years away from every other nation is not only destroyed, but by a much larger force.

This leads to the idea to not improve the equipment, but the soldier. Heavy research by many superpowers goes underway in secret and soon massive amounts of genetic engineering takes place. Stem-cells and genetic splicing take the front of all research and soon scientists try to figure out the best way to use their growing knowledge. Small enhancements are given to foot-soilders. These involve muscle growth, heightened reflexes, and stronger skin.

All of these seem to be worth pennies as they prove to be an extremely small factor on the battlefield. Enhanced soldiers lose to genetically unaltered ones at the same rate and soon it looks like yet another wasted endeavour by many. That is until a small experiment that lead to the "Genetic Revolution" that paved way to a new race.

It started out when a small team of scientists successfully engineered a mouse to grow wings. Using stem-cells and genetic crafting to not only make the mouse grow wings, but be able to use them. They figured if they could combine a mouse with a bird, why not humans? Why not make a man fly? Why not make a man as strong as a bull for the matter? Or agile as a fox? Or fast as a cheetah?

These questions headed the greatest human endeavor the world has ever seen. Time seemed to stop in the many years that countless scientific facilities spent creating results. For the first time in years, alliances were formed in the thought to share common knowledge. Multicultural labs opened up across the world and soon everyone was racing to create the perfect hybrid. It seemed everyone forgot the point was for a better soldier for a better war. A universal time-out was in effect.

Deep in the labs, scientist soon realized that their efforts were for nothing. Specimens were created to have a human figure, but animistic features to improve their natural abilities. Problems arose from brains not being able to cope with new features to specimens becoming more animal then human. Every attempt lead to failure as more humans entered the "grindhouse" that ended most of their lives or made them more wild then human.

The true Genetic Revolution began when a small science team stumbled on the "Human Code". This was the holy grail of genetics in that it is the genetic combination to make a creature have human features. After many tests and experiments, they caught a reacquiring pattern that appeared. As other waved it off as a normality, the team ran tests to find exact patterns and how to replicate them. After a few years, they finally had a working set of genetic code. It ranged from our intelligence, to our ability to walk bi-pedal, to even the way our hand is formed. After the first paper was published giving their findings, the world went crazy.

The idea was that if we could not make humans have animal traits, why not give animals human traits? The First were born as genetic experimenting went on to give the first animals human like qualities. The ability to hold objects, bi-pedal walking, intelligence to build, and so forth until animals walked among us. They were still more animal then human and tended to be confined to military bases.

The problem was that it was extremely hard to implement the correct sequences to a specimen right way without complications or death. The remedy was a slow process of adding new strands of human code each generation. This was a costly processes, but lead to the founding of the "Pure" race of hybrids. They could walk and talk like a human, but retained all the features of their animal base. Soon hybrids were walking the streets of every major city and even more populated the armies. Their numbers were extremely low, but they became a huge influence in the world.

The entire process was finished at the height of the Last War. Many of the hybrids fought in the war in special forces. This period was known as the "Hybrid Conflict" as most armies relied on hybrids to do most the real work. Humans became simple grunts and cannon fodder. Resentment was building in the pure humans, but they viewed the hybrids as a needed evil in the war.

A global company known as "Gencorp" started looking for a way to mass produce the wanted hybrids. Natural breeding took time and with the addition of a human lifespan, they needed a better way to get their product. Thus the beginning of the end in which they experimented with a way to quickly transfer the genetic code to a specimen without the breeding process. The idea was that they could transfer it into a virus and the virus into a specimen.

At this point, not much is known how it all came to be. Most records ended or described horror scenes of a post-apocalyptic world. The virus developed evolved out of hand and soon twisted humans and hybrids into beasts. A random combination of man and animal that was extremely aggressive and hungry. The virus ended up being able to spread through bodily fluids and those that weren't eaten became on of them. Zombie story, ect.


Enter the start of my novel, as the world fell to the beasts, hatred for the hybrids hit its peak and soon the last hybrids sought out refugee from the angry humans. Conflict and war ended the rest who were not eaten by the beasts.

The last hybrids founded the city of "New Heaven" and settled in desert wastelands outside of human contact. Years passed and soon the human population had dwindled to a fraction after many attempts at ending the beasts had failed. A chance was given to the humans as they were accepted into New Heaven under certain rulings set out by the hybrid's new Council.

The last safe place in the world and the hybrids ran it. The humans became the minority and their influence on affairs dwindled to nothing. Hybrid task forces kept the peace in New Heaven while the Council sought after an end to the war with the beasts.

The novel focuses on a wastelander known only as Daz, an orphan who grew up inside of New Heaven. He is known throughout the city as a man who can get things done. He makes money by scavenging outside the city, collecting beast's heads as bounty, and anything else needed.

The story starts with a lost human patrol that leads to the death of a hybrid inspector. Mystery surround both incidents as Daz gets swept up in the growing turmoil. Humans blame the Council for the death of the patrol as hybrids blame the death of the inspector on human retaliation. The races feud as a greater number of beasts build up outside the city gates. The fight is on to reclaim a lost world.


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