Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I was in playing Metroid other M on my Mac off a second partition running windows 7 running off that a wii emulator (Dolphin) using a ps3 controller to play.

The future is here and now you can take part in this exciting deal!

Go to:

Rip your LEGAL COPIES OF A GAME (or piratebay) and play them on your rig just as I have. This isn't new news or anything, but I just fix it all up and soon going to build a custom sensor to use my wiimotes as a mouse. That's just badass.

In other news:

This is a caterpillar.


Slumph said...

Dolphin? wat? and that is an awesome looking cater... snake =]

LithianLord said...

The emulator is called Dolphin....for whatever reason.

Swift Love said...

awesome post!

Anne on a mouse said...

that is no caterpillar.

MacPCharmony said...

I like your blog's design!

Danatoth said...

that is on scary caterpillar

Tesla Sands said...

It's called Dolphin because that was the Gamecube's codename during development.

LithianLord said...

Oh gotcha, thanks mate. Was wondering about that.

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