Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A note from the Author

Recently I have been gaining a larger reader base and want to thank everyone that has been reading and commenting on my blog. It is an odd assortment of anything I find on the internet and do my best to entertain and excite. I want to remind everyone that everyone has a sponsor (even politicians) and mine are right on the side.


The more support I gain the higher I shall update and bring to this blog. So view, comment, and most importantly look at my great sponsors and see what they have to offer you. (I get money as a bonus!)

Otherwise, look forward to my next post probably involving raptors or other things that threaten our daily lives. (Probably bullshit I pull on the spot.)

So thank you and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

like your post!!

Dr. Phun said...

I'll support man, just to keep this blog up!

amidoinitrite? said...

wow, how informative

Anonymous said...

I'm in support of this endeavor. Best of luck to you.

Airmac said...

Checked your sponsors, they ain't that bad. You should check mine also :)

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