Thursday, August 27, 2009

Achievement - Make a Blag!

When did games stop being played for fun and start being played for points? Remember a time when we would use cheats in gta or play Tomb Raider 2 on easy just for kicks? In today's world games have some sort of achievement system to measure your e-peen size and make people start to compare their points to yours and consider you a gamer based on your score.

Achivments make cheating seem like a punishment and easy mode no longer seems like a fun experience. Games are starting to force us to play games on the hardest difficulty with set perimeters to get more points then your friends.

People like me that play game and don't worry about achievements are condemned as lower form of gamer as points are compared. Why can't we just use achievements as bragging rights without the whole point system involved to make people compete.

I am tired of these systems making the "hardcore" players always bragging about their points or trophy count. But if people find achievement hunting fun, then all the power to them. Just stop treating people like me as a lower form of gamer just because we don't care about achievements.

I bet raptors compete for achievement points...


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