Thursday, August 20, 2009

No More Fatty Princess

Seriously, nothing I would tap. THE game "fat princess" on the other-hand is a remarkable experience non-like it before. It also has a British guy using words like "gank". This is my review of the fattest princess since Final Fat-assy.

The actual game is played from a top-down prospective at a slight angle as you move your little avatar around to kill those who stole your beautiful princess and had the nerve to feed her the most delicious cake in the land. As the name implies, feeding your captured princess delicious cake makes her fat, but honestly who doesn't get fat on cake?

The game centers around a constant struggle to reclaim your now-fattened princess and keep the rivals princess so that when the prince of a gigantic tract of land comes, he will only have the option to marry your princess. Same old love story we have been feed a thousand times.

Now what is innovative about the game is the actual game play. You have the option of 6 classes (villager, worker, warrior, mage, preist, and ranger) that all play differently. You can swap classes easily in game by picking up a hat in-game from a hat vending machine or your opponents fallen hat. I wanted a millionaire playboy hat, but alas life isn't centered on a hat bias job environment.

The combat is hack-n-slash with a paranoia system built in. See, the game likes to add in different ways to get around the world that usually involve me cowering behind a captured fortress, waiting for the enemy to drop right on-top of me.

Gore, glorious gore!

Each class has an upgraded version that can be unlock as workers harvest wood and stone to upgrade hat vending machines, siege weapons, and a giant spring-board. Why didn't the Greeks think of that at troy? Forget some giant horse that only houses a few men, just launch your entire army over!

I digress, the worker is by far my favorite class. You just spend the entire game running from tree to ore, harvesting materials, and building upgrades and defensive equipment. The points match wonderfully, so a good worker (me) can rank as high as a warrior deep in combat. A points system obviously decides ranking and leader boards makes you want to be the best little princess feeder you can be!

Did i mention it supports trophies and unlockable features to customize you avatars look? A very sleek system that premises more options in later DLC, which was also promises as a huge support. If sony does one thing right, it is dlc. Look at cross-edge! That game has more dlc then a raptor has hatred for me.

"Help! We are being ganked!"

All in all, the game is currently suffering from post-release server stress. The kind that killed Socom:Confrontation. Otherwise, it is a bargain at 15$ with full online support and the large promises of massive amounts of dlc to keep it fresh. The core game ships with a few maps, 6 classes, 32-player online support, single-player, trophies, leader boards, and fat princess.

Right now it is a gem of potential that i will be enjoying for a long time, but later patches and dlc will really make Fat Princess shine.

I give it 7/10 delicious cakes.


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