Thursday, August 20, 2009

Am I a great person or the greatest person?

I just bought new frames today for my glasses that are replicated ones of Malcolm's from Jurassic Park. That's right, just another way I will eventually merge with my hero. Is that creepy? Yes. Do I look good in them? Yes.

The purpose of this blag post is not to brag (I don't need to) but to explain a odd dream I had last night.

Basically, the zombie apocalypse happened and everyone was eaten. Then it turns out the zombies think like "normal" humans and they only difference is they were immortal undead that craved human flesh. Then I realized I stopped being a zombie and somehow created a cure by filtering the blood through my mecha-heart (I actually have one). Then feral zombies (homeless people) tried to eat me. Then I got free and joined a zombie colony. Then they treated my like a freak. Then I woke up.

The ending was almost (sorta) like the ending of I Am Legend. By being the last of me kind I realized I was the monster to everyone else.

It was quite a fun dream.


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