Monday, August 17, 2009

War Statisitics

I always loved this and wanted to post this to blow your (the reader's) mind!

Death Count during WW2:

Hiroshima= 71, 379

Tokyo Raid= 83, 793

Dresden Fire Bomb Raid= 135,000

Are atomic weapons the worst thing imaginable? These statistics say no, but current advances in atomic weapons development probably will destroy those numbers when used.

Now look at this:

Reported Raptor Raids: 235, 000 counted deaths

During WW2! That's counted people! We all know raptors are extremely smart and cunning....I wouldn't hold it against them if they influenced any of the raids posted above.....

Did you know that half of the Rough Riders were raptors? Roosevelt even knew this, but their combat efficiency was unmatched and he needed "people" that could help with his bloody conquests.

Think about it......


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