Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jurrasic Park Club

I have an idea....

Now I know what you are thinking America. Mostly due to my hobby of wire-tapping, but that's more recreational. I have an idea about a new night-club of sorts. On the outside it would be replicated to look like the main complex of Jurassic Park (from the movie, not the actual park) and the inside would be a swinging nightclub.

Now how do those mix? We all know raptors are attracted to shinny objects and lights. So imagine a raptor wandering into a building full of flashing lights and glow-sticks. They would be stuck in a mesmerized state of incompetence. And when they are swaying back and forth, unable to help themselves? Bam, stab them in the neck.

It would be the largest raptor trap known to man. Well....except for the Boston Tea Party....long story.

Anyway, what would be better then a building full of LSD and techno? One filled with dead raptors. Dead raptors make everything better.

Better then that? Just knock them out and use them as ammo for a metal trebuchet.

Why? Zombie apocalypse. Just start launching raptors at the zombies. Best anti-flesh-eaters weapon ever imagined. Down side? Reloading.

People, we need to start investing in this. So hope to it and e-mail me your Swiss bank account numbers.


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