Monday, August 17, 2009

MAG IS Produced by Raptors!

I know! The greatest online game to grace the ps3 is run by those that try to maul us all? How could this be! Raptors don't have a keen sense of online gaming! But it's very true.....

I first caught whiff of their treachery when they announced 2010 as the release year. How could normal humans keep us without 256 online competition over the Christmas season? That's like saying Jesus delayed his crucifixion till "he felt like it".

Now comes the point of my huge uncovering and realisation! The point where I, a sexy gamer with millions of women swooning over him and a modest attitude, was denied a MAG beta code!

What scam is this! Only one kind....


Only raptors could be behind such a hateful act. I signed up to the psn with all my boxes checked for 3rd party offers. I signed up to the forums and at multiple time stated my interest. I work at gamestop (just one) and have sold countless pre-orders to the public after a long argument about why they should just end their lives on the spot if they are so stupid to not get such a fantastic game.

Till now....

That's right! I am going on strike till those raptors fork over my well deserved beta code so I can make MAG the greatest, and bug-free, game ever. After so many betas I know how to test the hell out of games.

So until my electronic letter box holds a key to that beta, I am protesting MAG and not selling a single pre-order till then! Take that, giant raptor owned corporation!

Not giant raptors....just a giant comp....oh god I think I just found a new fear......


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