Monday, August 24, 2009

Are Raptors Communist?

Now hear me out children.

We all know that raptors are a neutral party that are only involved in their benefit. Obviously. We also all know they are currently in a contract with the polar bears. But what if I were to tell you that's why they are communist?

Back in WW2, the Russian's really wanted to get back at Hitler for his crimes against the motherland. In their infinite power, they created a hybrid version of bear cavalry that they had in use at the time. This model though ... used polar bears.

I know! I know!

Most don't know about this, but those polar bears (after doing horrible thing to Hitler) later went on to help the normal polar bears with their plans of world conquest.

Now could a long string of contracts and negotiations put raptors on equal grounds with the reds? Could raptors secretly be acting like communists to further their support to help them with god knows what?

More information as I uncover the truth.....


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