Monday, August 17, 2009

Introduction to a Disturbed World

Hello sunshine! The earth says hello! Let me introduce myself, I am your local lithian lord with the label of "Alex" and this is my blag. I am here to spread my ideals and knowledge to the world (not china) in hopes of a better tomorrow. I shall fill these infinite pages with infinite rants of infinite codes of binary for your enjoyment. I am like a comedian, I sit here going on for however long I please, but if you say one word you get kicked the hell out. (not really, feel free to comment).

Now as the title describes, I am against raptors (not the team). If there are any raptors reading this, it is nothing personal. I am not a racist by any means (just learn our language) as I have a very good friend that is a raptor. Sure, I didn't know at of lizardmen and extreme knowledge of raptors should have been a dead giveaway...but in the end I saw through her scheme. The nay-saying of all my ideas was a major giveaway.

But please know this raptors, I'm going to kill you all sorts of dead. Now I am no civil servant...I am just a blogger. So I am free to do as I please. Sure, we could have been friends, but the mauling really killed the bond. I guess there are worse things, but mauled to death is still extremely low on my list. Plus you are working with polar bears....but that's for another blog.

"Talking to a mute is like playing 20-question without an answer at the end."

I'll add more as things pop into my head, but for now just sit back and let that knowledge soak-in.


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